Acquisition binoculars and telescopes (N° 226.941)


Publish 21/05/2024


1. Description of the contract

This project aims to equip border guard units in order to strengthen migration flow management operations and more specifically its aspects focused on surveillance, search and rescue in land and maritime Egyptian areas.
The purpose of this contract is the acquisition and delivery and after-sales guarantee, of :
– 190 binoculars for commanders,
– 183 telescopes (giant binoculars).

2. Number and titles of lots

Lot 1 : binoculars
Lot 2 : telescopes

3. Maximum budget allocated to the contract (prices are exclusive of taxes)
Not applicable.


4. Eligibility and rule of origin
Legal entities may not participate in the competitive bidding process or be awarded a contract if they:
a) Are in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, judicial settlement, cessation of activity, or in any similar situation resulting from a procedure of the same nature existing in national laws and regulations;
b) Are the subject of a procedure of declaration of bankruptcy, liquidation, legal settlement or
any other procedure of the same nature existing in national laws and regulations;
c) Have been convicted by a judgment that has the force of res judicata (that is to say, against which there is no longer any possible appeal) for any offense involving their professional conduct;
d) In professional matters, have committed serious misconduct;
e) Have not fulfilled their obligations regarding the payment of social security contributions according to the legal provisions of the country where they are established;
f) Have not fulfilled their obligations regarding the payment of their taxes and duties according to the legal provisions of the country where they are established;
g) Are seriously guilty of misrepresentation in providing the information required by DCI for their participation in a contract;
h) Act as front companies created to conceal financial transactions and/or launder money from one or more other companies
i) Under another contract with DCI, were declared in serious breach of performance due to non-compliance with their contractual obligations;
j) It has been established by a final judgment that the company is guilty of one of the following facts:

  • i.fraud, as defined in the Article 3 of Directive (EU) 2017/1371;
  • ii.corruption, as defined in Article 4(2) of Directive (EU) 2071/1371;
  • iii.behavior linked to a criminal organization referred to in Article 2 of the Framework Decision 2008/841/JHA of the Council;
  • laundering or terrorist financing within the meaning of Article 1, paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of Directive (EU) 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council;
  • v.terrorist offense or offense related to terrorist activities, as defined respectively in Article 1 and Article 3 of Council Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA, or incitement to commit an offence, complicity or attempt infringement as referred to in Article 4 of the said decision;
  • vi.child labor or other forms of trafficking in human beings as defined in Article 2 of Directive 2011/36/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council;

Point a) does not apply in the event of the purchase of supplies under particularly advantageous conditions, either from a supplier who ceases his commercial activities definitively, or from the liquidators of insolvency proceedings, through an arrangement with creditors or under a similar procedure provided for under national law.

DCI excludes company:
– When a legal person who is a member of the administrative, management or supervisory body of the said company or who has powers of representation, decision or control with regard to this company is in one of the situations referred to in points c) to i);
– When a legal person which is liable indefinitely for the debts of the said company is in one of the situations referred to in point a) or b);
– When a legal entity that is essential to the award or performance of the legal commitment is in one of the situations referred to in points c) to i).
The applicant/bidder must sign a statement on their honor that he is not in one of the categories mentioned above. Bidders or subcontractors established in countries under sanction of the European Union are also excluded.
Tenderers or subcontractors established in countries under European Union sanction are excluded.

5. Number of offers

Bidders can submit one bid per type of product (no variant on the same product).
In fact, bidders are allowed to submit several bids, as long as they correspond to the technical request.

6. Situations of exclusion

To be admissible, offers must be accompanied by the original of:

  • Any document proving registration at the national level as a legal entity;
  • The certificate of vigilance issued by the collection agency to which it belong, which states that the company is up to date with all of its social obligations;
  • The certificate of professional civil liability;
  • The Declaration of honour;
  • A description of the product warranty organization in accordance with the general conditions of the supply contract;
  • Duly authorized signature: an official document (articles of association, power of attorney, notarized declaration, etc.) proving that the person signing is authorized to do so in the name and on behalf of the entity/joint venture/consortium.

7. Subcontracting Opportunities

Subcontracting is permitted subject to compliance with the subcontracting rules of the contract terms.

8. Performance guarantee

Not applicable.

9. Information meeting and/or site visit

No information meetings are planned.

10. Validity of offers

Tenders are valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the deadline for submission of bids.

11. Expected start date of the contract

Notification before the end of July 2024 for a start of contract in August or September 2024.

12. Task Implementation Period

The deadline for delivery of supplies is the contract signature date plus three (3) months.


13. Selection criteria

The following selection criteria will be applied to bidders. If bids are submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will apply to the consortium as a whole:

  • 1) Economic and financial capacity of the bidder
    The price of the contract shall not exceed fifty (50) percent of the bidder’s last fiscal year’s sales.
  • 2) Bidder’s professional capacity
    Experience of at least five (5) years in the field of shipbuilding.
  • 3) Bidder’s technical capacity
    The bidder has already successfully implemented at least one project in the field related to this contract (supply, delivery, opticals equipment for surveillance or observation).

14. Award criteria

Provided that the bidder meets the selection criteria and its bid is fully compliant, the award criterion will be the lowest price.



15. How do I obtain the tender documents?

On the DCI website under the heading:
It is also available from CIVIPOL on their website.
Tenders must be drafted only using the standard tender form for supply contracts included in the tender dossier, the provisions and format of which must be strictly adhered to.
Any question concerning this call for tenders must be addressed in writing to: at least fifteen (15) days before the deadline for submission of tenders appearing in point 18. DCI will respond to questions at least (10) days before the deadline for submission of offers. Clarifications or minor changes to the tender documentation are published no later than ten (10) days before the deadline for submission of tenders on the DCI website:

16. Deadline for submission of bids

The deadline for submitting offers is as follows: June 28 th, 2024 at 12:00 noon (Paris time zone).
Any offer received after this deadline will not be considered.

17. Tender opening session

July 1st, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. (Paris time zone).

18. Language of proceedings

All written communications of this call for tenders must be made in French or English.