Supply of airborne ISR equipment (EU2023_12_1)


Publish 14/01/2024


  1. Description of the contract:

Supply of airborne ISR equipment.


2.  Number and titles of lots: 

A supply package for airborne ISR equipment.



  1. Eligibility and rule of origin:

Participation in the tender is open to legal entities.


  1. Number of offers:

One offer.


  1. Situations of exclusion:

To be accepted, the offers must be accompanied by the : 

  • Signed Non disclosure agreement
  • Completed and signed prevention of fraud questionnaire
  • Certificate of non-admission to receivership proceedings
  • civil liability insurance certificate
  • Confirmation of no presence on EU sanctions list


  1. Possibilities of subcontracting:



  1. Performance bond:



  1. Information meeting and/or site visit:



  1. Validity of offers:

Six (6) months.


  1. Expected start date of the contract:

February 01/2024/


  1. Task Implementation Period:

The Contract shall come into force on the date of its signature by the last party. It will remain in force until the full fulfillment of all of the contractor’s obligations.




  1. Selection criteria:

The signed NDA must be provided.


  1. Economic and financial capacity of the tenderer:

Due diligence questionnaire completed with all required document.


  1. Professional capacity of the tenderer:

Be able to give an example of a completed project.


  1. Technical capacity of the tenderer:

Be able to give an example of a completed project.


  1. Award criteria:
  • Acceptance of the draft contract including its special and general conditions
  • Products and services from CML countries
  • Understanding the mission: matching the response to the CDC
  • Delivery date
  • Proposed methodology / planning
  • Total amount of the offer



  1. How do I obtain the tender dossier?

On the website in the following section: Projects / Call off tender:

Annexes 6.5 (Draft contract) and 6.6 (detailed description) shall be disclosed via our Kiteworks platform after signing the NDA

To complete the NDA, please contact :


  1. Deadline for submission of tenders:

January 15, 2024 at 12h00 noon.


  1. Tender opening session:

January 15, 2024.


  1. Language of proceedings:

French – Courtesy translation in English.


  1. Legal basis:

The tender and contract shall be governed by French law.


Bidders are invited to access the tender through the DCI website and download the Specifications.