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1. About us

Défense Conseil International (“DCI”) is the Ministry of Armed Forces’ operator for the transfer of French Armed Forces’ know-how.

The administration for the website (hereafter the “Site”) and the management of the Site’s cookies are carried out by DCI or its authorised service-providers. Where the terms “we” or “us” are used within this Cookies Policy document, it refers to DCI.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a sequence of bits of information, usually small in size, identified by a name, placed on a terminal (such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone) when you browse the Site. The cookies enable the gathering of information relating to your browsing habits on the Site. The cookies will be used to recognise your browser for as long as they are valid, and will relay certain information to the Site. So your web browser stores cookies for a certain period of time, and sends them back to the web server each time you reconnect to the Site. Cookies can be used for various purposes, in particular to store your preferences and measure your activity on the websites you visit. Only the provider who issued the cookie in question is likely to read or alter the information it contains.

There are various types of cookies :

  1. (i) First-party and third-party cookies

A cookie is described as first-party or third-party depending on the domain that issued it.  First-party cookies are those installed by the Site when you browse it. Third-party cookies are installed by a domain other than that of the Site. When you visit the Site and another entity installs a cookie vie the Site, this cookie is a third-party cookie.

  1. (ii) Session cookies

These cookies enable us to follow what you do throughout your browsing session. The browsing session begins when you open your browser’s window and ends when you close this window. Session cookies are temporary. Once the browser is switched off, session cookies are automatically deleted.

  1. (iii) Persistent cookies

After you have closed the browser window, persistent cookies remain on your terminal for varying lengths of time, depending on the cookie. They are activated each time you consult the Site.

 3. What kind of cookies do we use ?

We use different types of cookies on the Site for different purposes. Some cookies are required for you to use the Site properly, others are optional and it’s up to you to accept them or not. We use both the cookies that we place, i.e. first-party DCI Group cookies, and a limited selection of third-party cookies, chosen by DCI Group for a specific purpose.

A. Required cookies

Required cookies help make the Site usable by activating basic functions. They enable you to browse the Site as easily as possible and make use of its functions. Without these cookies you cannot use the Site properly. So these cookies are always activated and do not require your consent. In particular, they memorise the choices you make related to cookies in order to improve your user experience on our Site.

The information collected through these cookies does not allow behavioural tracking and is not used for marketing purposes.

Name Provider Purpose Expiry date

(first-party cookie)

Used by the “GDPR Cookie Consent” module, this cookie stores the user’s consent for cookies in the “Required” category 1 year

(first-party cookie)

Used by the “GDPR Cookie Consent” module, this cookie stores the user’s consent for cookies in the “Advertising” category 1 year

(first-party cookie)

Used by the “GDPR Cookie Consent” module, this cookie stores the user’s consent for cookies in the “Statistics” category 1 year

(first-party cookie)

Used by the “GDPR Cookie Consent” module, this cookie stores the user’s consent for cookies in the “Social Networks” category 1 year

(first-party cookie)

This cookie is used to set the visitor’s preferred language and, if possible, to configure the

site language accordingly.

1 year

(first-party cookie)

Used by the “GDPR Cookie Consent” module, this cookie stores whether or not the user has consented to the use of cookies 1 year

(first-party cookie)

This records the user’s consents/refusals regarding cookies 1 year

(first-party cookie)

This stores the user’s cookie consent status 1 year

B. Preference cookies

Preference cookies enable websites to recognise you when you visit them again. These cookies collect information about your choices and preferences (other than your cookies choices) and thus enable the Site to be tailored to your preferences.

We do not use this type of cookie.

C. Statistics cookies

These cookies enable the gathering of traffic, browsing and usage statistics for the various elements that make up the Site (sections and content viewed and user pathways). These cookies help us understand how you interact with the Site. They also enable us to continue developing and improving the Site’s functions depending on how you use it.

These cookies are only placed on your terminal once you have given your consent.

In particular, we use the services of Google Analytics to understand your behaviour on our Site. The information collected is used in aggregate and Google considers that this data does not allow individual identification of users.

For more information about Google Analytics cookies and identifiers, you can take a look at Google’s privacy policy by clicking here.

Name Provider Purpose Expiry date
_ga Google Analytics

(third-party cookie)

To register a unique identifier to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the site 13 months
_gid Google Analytics

(third-party cookie)

To register a unique identifier to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the site 1 minute
_gat Google Analytics

(third-party cookie)

To drastically decrease the request rate 24 hours

C. Advertising and social network cookies

Advertising cookies are used to track visitors through websites.

Social network cookies, i.e. those placed by video sharing services, enable you to watch videos embedded in the Site.  YouTube installs these cookies to memorise your history and preferences and to optimise the way it makes content available to you.

YouTube also places cookies enabling it to collect and use your browsing data itself so as to suggest adverts and content tailored to your browsing history. It is possible that YouTube will collect information about your use of the Site and combine it with data gathered from other, third-party websites, mainly for its own use, for advertising or marketing purposes.

These advertising and social network cookies are only placed on your terminal if you have given your consent. Consequently:

  1. If you refuse social network cookies, you will not be able to watch embedded videos on our Site;
  2. If you accept social network cookies, you will be able to watch the videos and cookies will be installed so that you can be offered targeted adverts.

You retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you would like more information, we suggest you take a look at:

  1. YouTube’s privacy policy which you will find at the following address:;
  2. Information regarding your rights to withdraw your consent which can be obtained from the following address:;
  3. Information about the way cookies placed on your terminal are used:

(i) Advertising cookies

Name Provider Purpose Expiry date
IDE (Google)

(third-party cookie)

Used by DoubleClick to record and report back on user actions after clicking or viewing advertising content to measure advertising content effectiveness and target any future advertising content 1 year
test_cookie (Google)

(third-party cookie)

Used to check whether the user’s browser accepts cookies 1 day

(ii) Social network cookies

Name Provider Purpose Expiry date

(third-party cookie)

Used to store the user’s consent to the use of cookies 17 years (YouTube’s policy is available here)

(third-party cookie)

Estimates user bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos 6 years

(third-party cookie)

Records a unique identifier to generate statistical data on the videos the user watches Session

4. Managing cookies

You can decide whether to accept cookies or not. When you consent to a cookie being placed, that consent lasts for 1 year.

Cookies are only placed if you accept them, apart from cookies that do not require your consent. If you don’t want cookies to be installed or read on your terminal, a refusal cookie will still be placed there so we can record the fact you have refused the use of cookies. If you delete the refusal cookie, we will no longer be able to identify you as having refused cookies. Likewise, if you agree to cookies being placed, a consent cookie will be installed.

A. When you land on our Site

The first time you visit our Site, you will be invited to accept, refuse or configure your choice of cookies in a detailed way.

B. Configuring the cookie management module

At any time, you can configure the cookie management module in order to choose which of the Site’s cookies you wish to accept or refuse. By clicking on the hyperlink Manage My Cookies at the bottom of the page of our Site, you will be taken to the module and you can change your preferences.

C. Configuring your browser

The cookies that you previously accepted may remain stored on your browser. If you wish to delete previously placed cookies, you need to delete them in your browser settings. You can also configure your browser’s settings to prevent websites from placing cookies or block third-party cookies. In this case, it is possible that some functions of our web Site, particularly the display of YouTube videos, may be unavailable or may not work properly.

You can configure your web browser software so that cookies are stored on your terminal or refused. Each web browser has its own cookies settings. These are generally explained in your browser’s help menu. Here you will find out how you can change your cookie preferences. Below you will find information to help you configure your cookie setting for the following browsers:

  1. For Internet Explorer: click here
  2. For Safari: click here
  3. For Chrome: click here
  4. For Firefox: click here

As for other browsers, you will find information about managing cookies on your browser’s website.

To find out more about cookies and how you can manage them, we invite you to consult the website of the French Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL), specially its “Cookies : les outils pour les maîtriser” page that you can access here.

5. Cookies and personal data protection

A. First-party (DCI) cookies

In the context of the use of cookies as described within this cookie policy, we may process personal data concerning you, as the data controller.

Personal data collected via cookies is never kept longer than necessary and, in any event, personal data collected via DCI’s first-party cookies is not kept for more than 13 months.

For more information about the protection of your personal data and how to exercise your rights, see our Personal Data Protection Policy.

B. Third-party (Google) cookies

Third-party cookies are managed by external data controllers, who may, if you accept these cookies, process personal data about you. These cookies are subject to the personal data protection policies of those third parties issuing and using them.

For more information concerning the processing of personal data, you can consult the personal data protection policies of our partners as indicated below:

  1. Google Analytics: click here;
  2. Google DoubleClick: click here;
  3. YouTube: click here.

6. Changes and updates to this cookies policy

If we change our use of cookies on our Site, we will change this policy and the list of cookies placed accordingly. We will inform you of all and any changes.

This cookies policy was published on 1st September 2021 and updated on 1st September 2021.