DCI Group has developed a unique know-how in helicopters for Defense & Security missions. It relies on the operational excellence of the helicopter components of the French Army (ALAT), the French Air and Space Force, the French Navy and the Gendarmerie.

The comprehensive capability-based approach of DCI Group addresses the needs of the armed forces, homeland security forces and specialised units of partner countries.

Our three segments of intervention are consulting and assistance, training, provision of helicopters and in-service support (ISS).

  • > 600
    and cargo crew members trained
  • > 100
    supported worldwide: Cabri G2, H120, H125, H225M, AS365, AW169…
  • > 15
    Partner countries
    in helicopter training and support

# Initial and operational training

The training offer of DCI Group relies on a global and flexible approach:


  • Initial training of pilots and rear crews
  • Specialised courses and training: tactical flight, night flight (with or without NVG), air mobile operations, naval operations, weapon systems, instructors (“train the trainer”)
  • Courses and training in special missions: special forces, search and rescue (SAR and C-SAR), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), electronic warfare, homeland security
  • Training of engineering officers and mechanics

Courses and training take place in France or directly in partner countries. In France, the major training centres are the International Helicopter Training Centre (CIF-H) in Dax and Le Luc for helicopter crews and the French Defence Aeronautical Institute (FDAI) in Rochefort for mechanics.


    International Helicopter Training Centre

    The CIF-H


    Created in 2015, the CIF-H is a European centre of excellence for helicopter training. It is located in Dax and Le Luc-en-Provence, at the heart of the French armed forces schools.


    It proposes a catalogue of over 50 reference courses, from the initial training of rotary-wing crews to specific missions.


    Its privileged geographical environment makes it possible to fly throughout the year in diverse conditions (flying area of 2,500 km2, including in mountainous areas).



    – Instructors from the French armed forces


    – A modern fleet prepared for military flights (Cabri G2, H120)


    – A high success rate thanks to customised solutions and personalised support


    – A privileged access to the French armed forces’ means: infrastructures, flying areas, tactical simulators and FNPT2/3…

# Provision of helicopters and support

The experience and unique competencies of DCI Group, both technical and military, are made available to our institutional and industrial partners to ensure the provision of helicopter capabilities for military academies and operational units worldwide.

Our partners are seeking interim or permanent capabilities based on flexible solutions, adapted to their needs:

  • definition of doctrines, operational concepts and organisations of the units
  • finding and acquisition of machines
  • modernisation, militarisation and certification
  • configuration management
  • management of civil and military continuing airworthiness (CAMO)
  • management of the supply chain
  • line and base maintenance
  • technical support
  • training courses

DCI Group, the first operator worldwide of H120 (40 machines), relies on a solid experience in the management and maintenance of helicopter fleets within the CIF-H and HeliDax.

Many other partners trust us, in France and overseas, in the provision and support of helicopters.

1980 2008 2011 2019 2020 2020

More than 40 years of experience in the In-Service Support of Gazelle, Puma and Super Puma fleets


> 250,000 flying hours since 2008 on the H120 of HeliDax


Support of an Air Academy in the Middle East since 2011


In-service support of 18 Fennec helicopters of the French Army's Light Aviation Unit (ALAT) since 2019


Support to the setting-up of an interim fleet of Dauphin N3 for the French Navy with Heli-Union


Support for the creation of an Air Wing in the Middle East and support of its fleet of H225M