DCI Group provides unparalleled consulting and training services to navies seeking to build cutting-edge submarine forces, like the Philippine Navy.


Since the 2000s, DCI has supported submarine forces in many Asian and Latin American countries with its comprehensive capability-building offer.

DCI has trained more than 1,500 foreign officers and submariners in its naval branch, NAVFCO, in France and abroad. DCI instructors are experts retired from the French Navy, bringing their unique operational expertise to France’s partner countries. DCI uses modern simulation tools to train submariners across all specialties: submarine operations and conduct, platform health and safety, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), communications, electronic warfare, maintenance and logistics, etc.

DCI experts support partner submarine forces through onshore (training centers) and at sea (on their own submarines) training so their crews can train individually, in teams, and as full crew. This incremental approach allows trainees to acquire skills progressively as they work toward a complete mastery of new platforms in what are extremely complex operational environments and scenarios. In total, DCI has trained seven Scorpène crews in France or in client countries: Chile (2002-2005), Malaysia (2004-2019), India (2016-2018), and Brazil (2018-present).

In addition to operational training, DCI provides consulting services to countries seeking to create a submarine force: organizing a submarine force, assistance with contracting and project management, developing enduring human resources policies and targeted logistics, strengthening of training centers with experienced instructors and modern simulators (like in Malaysia).

Today, DCI provides consulting and training to the Philippine Navy as they build their submarine force. Initial assistance services on the operational deployment of submarines and organizing a submarine force began in 2019 and are ongoing in Brest, France. DCI is the only global player with a proven international record of accomplishment in submarine capability building and benefiting from the “French label”.