Defense Conseil International (DCI) group and LVCim start-up announced on 30 May 2023 the signature of an agreement relating to DCI group's acquisition of a 35% stake in the capital of LVCim.


Acceleration of expertise and digital transformation

Since 2020, DCI group has reinforced its new expertise such as drones, in particular via the acquisition of Atechsys, and started the digital transformation of its operational training. Within the scope of DCI group’s strategic plan 2022-2027, this stake acquisition in LVCim makes it possible to develop “agnostic” simulation, that is to say not related to a specific system, in DCI’s training offer. It therefore reinforces DCI group’s offer in UAV crew training and the creation of UAV training centres dedicated to governmental and military customers. From now on, DCI is able to propose to its partners a complete offer, adapted to their specific stakes: training syllabuses, operational scenarios and high-level instructors from the French armed forces, Atechsys training UAVs and LVCim simulators.

In addition, LVCim will pursue the deployment of its new simulation technologies in all DCI group’s expertise fields (Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Force) and will reinforce DCI’s offers in terms of instruction and training, consulting and provision of operational means. The first instances of use will focus in particular on the initial or operational training of military aircraft and helicopter crews. DCI’s multi-environment expertise is also a unique asset to develop new simulation solutions to prepare for the most complex missions. This is for instance the case of combined air operations integrating multiple (live or simulated) platforms, command and control systems (C2) and tactical data links (DTL).

A portfolio of innovative technologies to prepare the future of military training

The rapprochement between DCI group and LVCim creates a French actor of critical size on the military simulation and training market, able to develop a portfolio of innovative technologies for varying and constantly evolving use cases. This is particularly the case for new simulation, mixed reality (XR) or virtual reality (VR) technologies already deployed by LVCim on RAPAS (drone) and XERUS (piloted aircraft) simulators.

The alliance between DCI and LVCim will therefore make it possible to improve, in particular, military instruction and training in terms of realism, advanced functionalities, collective and individual debriefing and self-training. This approach must also enable the armed and security forces to reduce significantly their operational preparation costs.

Samuel Fringant, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCI group, said:

“Stake acquisition in LVCim constitutes a key milestone in the implementation of DCI’s strategic plan 2022-2027, and, in particular, in the digital transformation of our training offers. With LVCim’s team, we share a common ambition and view of the future of military training. Our project will make it possible to develop innovation for our French and foreign partners for their operational preparation stakes. Strong synergies between DCI group operational expertise and LVCim simulation technologies enable us to propose complete and innovative offers at controlled costs.”.


Pascal Couchat, Founder and Chairman of LVCim, said:

“The entry of DCI group in the capital of LVCim, with its operational expertise, its international networks and its new projects will make it possible to take a step forward in the development of means for the operational preparation of forces and deploy our innovations in new fields of application and geographical areas. In addition, DCI’s services approach is also an ideal complement to our product offer to meet the new needs of the market. Lastly, the support of an intermediate size group such as DCI will also enable us to accelerate our R&D investments to address the other needs of the armed forces such as preparing for the future and operations support, all this in line with our technical expertise in platform tactical connectivity and artificial intelligence.”.

About DCI Group – groupedci.fr

DCI group, the reference operator for the Ministry for Armed Forces for the international transfer of French military know-how to the armed forces of France’s partner countries, has proposed, for more than 50 years, consulting, project management support, training and provision of means services. DCI group has its headquarters in Paris and several locations throughout France. It is also present internationally, in particular in Asia and in the Middle East. DCI is pursuing its international expansion with innovative, high value-added solutions, through its development of new collaborations. With its 900 employees, DCI group has a turnover of 230 million Euros.

About LVCim – www.lvcim.com

LVCim is a French start-up created in August 2020 in Aix-en-Provence and specialized in the publishing of software components and complete simulation solutions. LVCim brings its expertise for the preparation of the engagement of forces through 3 technological pillars: mixed reality, platform tactical connectivity and artificial intelligence. LVCim company and its 20 employees consolidated, in 2022, a turnover of 2.1 million Euros including over 30% of export sales.