DCI Group opens its new online registration portal!

DCI is the recognised reference in the military training field in terms of expertise, pedagogy, quality … and also in terms of innovation.

  In the scope of our digital transformation, come and immerse yourself in our new digital ecosystem: an online registration portal for a selection of our courses to help you better identify the curricula most adapted to your needs and register your participants. It is also the opportunity to discover the first distance training and instruction devices to offer you maximum flexibility during your deployments. To visit the registration portal: https://training.groupedci.com/ What you'll be able to do through this portal:

  • Consult our training course programs
  • Learn about the next available session dates
  • Identify the number or remaining places for a course
  • Contact our experts directly
  • Request the setting up of a session or courses specific to your organisation
  • Register to the training courses you wish to attend
Fields of activities presented to you:
  • Air Control field:
    • Based in CIFCA (International Training Center for Air Control), air control training courses are co-located with that of Air Base 118 air forces
    • 8 courses are proposed
    • Various GCI (Ground Control Interception) controller training levels: basic, advanced, expert, instructor or additional module
    • Note: distance training missions with one or two instructors are available via a new innovative simulation tool!
  • Drone/UAV field:
    • Our International Academic and Aeronautical Training Centre (CIF-AA) is located on the Air Base of the French Air and Space Force at Salon-de-Provence.
    • About ten varying and complementary courses are proposed
    • Discover the “Drone Digital Ground School”, our new distance course training, providing general aeronautical knowledge in a complex environment for the future drone team member.
    • Diverse drones employed with an agnostic approach: MALE drones, tactical drones etc.
  • Air Safety field:
    • Since 1987, IFSA (French Institute for Aviation Safety) provides training services for personnel involved in safety: directors, safety managers, air/flight safety officers etc.
    • IFSA has already trained 10,000 trainees from 106 countries!
    • It proposes about fifteen different courses, with 5 to 20 participants per session
    • Come and consult all availabilities to register to the next course in your speciality!
  • Electronic Warfare field:
    • Our training centers train aircrews, intelligence and electronic warfare officers (COMINT, ELINT, personnel working in operational units and in a staff)
    • More than 25 training courses are presented in this field, including a complete curriculum on the fundamental concepts of electronic warfare, all distance learning
    • Our trainers use modern digital and simulation tools: Mission Active Preparation (MAP) software, Infra REd Simulation (IRES) software, COMINT, LABVOLT, NEWT/ARAMIS, SOFIIA
    • Presential or distance training courses, contact our experts for more information!
  • Defense acquisition field:
    • DAMI (Defense Acquisition Management Institute) was founded to accompany our partners in the professionnalisation of their defense acquisition practices.
    • It proposes a blended learning format: presential and/or distance learning!
    • It covers a spectrum of training courses leading to the mastery of the whole defense acquisition process and associated competences
All courses are available off-the-shelf or can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements! New dates for specific sessions can also be proposed.   DCI Group proposes education and training activities in varying fields of activity, covering the full spectrum of French Defence and National Security (ground forces, naval defence field, homeland security etc.). All our training courses are not visible on this portal. Our experts are ready to meet your needs, building curricula adapted to your operational stakes., and adjust specific sessions dates that will meet your needs. Contact our experts to discuss it further.