Ministry for Armed Forces entrusts DCI with the training of the aviation safety field

The Ministry for the Armed Forces is entrusting Défense Conseil international (DCI) with the task of training its investigators and officers in the critical field of aviation safety

DCI Group via the French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA) will deliver, for the 4 years to come, expert training in the field of aviation safety for first-information investigators, air safety investigators of the State Aviation Safety Investigation Bureau (BEA-É) and air safety officers of the armed forces.

These high-level military experts, assigned to particularly sensitive missions, originate in particular from the French Air and Space Force (AAE) and the French army’s light aviation unit (ALAT).

Since 1987, DCI Group, through IFSA, has trained more than 10,000 experts in the field of aviation safety, from 106 countries, within the framework of particular training programmes and using specifically adapted pedagogical means.

Through these speciality training courses recently entrusted to DCI, we would like to thank our armed forces for the trust they have placed in us, and that we have endeavoured to deserve within the scope of our mission of general interest as operator for the French Ministry for the Armed Forces for more than 50 years.
Samuel Fringant, Chairman and CEO of DCI Group.