SIFCA rolls out its Ground Control Interception (GCI) training in Europe

SIFCA, DCI Group’s International Training Site - Air Control, is continuing to roll out its training programmes to European countries and NATO members.

Located at the Mont de Marsan Air Base 118, SIFCA specialises in “Ground Control Interception” training courses that meets NATO standards. Several levels are offered : Basic / NATO Grade 3, Intermediate / NATO Grade 2 and Advanced / NATO Grade 1. Instruction is in English and courses last from two to five weeks depending on the level.

After the Estonian Air Force in 2020, the Air Forces of two other East European countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia) also turned to SIFCA in 2021 when it came to training their Ground Control Interceptor (GCI) officers.

Practical training is a key part of the GCI course and makes up to 75% of the content. On returning from NATO manoeuvres, a former European SIFCA student told us: “You guys did a great job, very professional. The course covered everything I had to deal with during a live exercise.”

Bolstered by its expertise in GCI training, SIFCA is already preparing to set up complementary services for its clients in 2022. In particular, this will include a distance training capability by simulating control missions.

Practical training forms a key element of GCI courses