DCI received this summer the "Pillar Assessment" (PAGoDA - Pillar Assessed Grant or Delegation Agreement) [lien vers article] accreditation and has already been entrusted by the European Union (UE) with a new assistance measure to support Benin.

During the last Council of Ministers of the European Union, DCI was designated as the key actor for implementing this assistance measure. The purpose of this measure, financed by the European Peace Facility (EPF)[1], aims at supporting the Beninese Armed Forces (BAF) engaged in Operation Mirador in their fight against terrorism in the northern parts of the country.

DCI is proud to be leading this significant project that represents significant challenges for the European Union.

Renewed confidence on this major multifaceted project:

In a short two-year time frame, DCI will have to provide:

  • The supply of ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) air surveillance means – consisting of one aircraft and several unmanned air systems,
  • The training associated with the implementation and maintenance of these means and of the airborne ISR equipment, and with the processing of collected data.

A first mission has already been scheduled for next month, aimed at gathering and defining the operational needs with the Beninese authorities, after which technical specificities and training outlines will emerge.

This mission will be a determining factor to carry out the different procurement procedures related to the acquisition of an aircraft and several unmanned air systems, and the integration of ISR equipment.


A project at the heart of our European ambitions 

To carry out this project, DCI knows it can count on the many skills and expertise of its teams, both in the field of training and of armament project management support (AMOA) for complex acquisitions.

This new contract proves the relevance of DCI’s strategic vision. Once again, this demonstrates that the European market is a new and important growth lever for DCI thanks to this new status of actor approved to manage funds through the European Pillar Assessed Grant or Delegation Agreement (PAGoDA).

DCI is honoured to contribute to the implementation of the European defence and security policy and to be recognised as a trusted operator in the field of defence.

[1] The EPF is an off-budget instrument aimed at enhancing the EU’s ability to prevent conflicts, consolidate peace and strengthen international security, while enabling the financing of operational actions under the common foreign and security policy (CFSP) and having military or defence implications.