Transferring the know-how of the French Air and Space Force to partner air forces abroad, offering innovative solutions to French forces and industrial partners.

We run academic courses for foreign Air Forces in the French military schools or through our “tailored” courses abroad. Our academic programmes all carry the “France” label in partnership with:

  • Military preparatory schools (French “Lycées Militaires”),
  • École de l’Air for officer training,
  • École de Guerre for senior staff officers.

We offer “turnkey” solutions for operational training and simulation, providing operational capabilities, consulting and assistance whatever the operational needs of the French and foreign Air Forces in the following specialist fields:

  • Fighter Aircraft
  • Transport Aircraft
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Safety
  • Medium range Surface-to-Air Defence
  • Aircraft Maintenance

We also support the Aeronautical industry for all their needs in these fields in France and abroad.

The International Academic and Aeronautical Training Centre (CIF-AA) at the Salon-de-Provence air base

Training of military aircraft and drone crews

The French Defense Aeronautical Institute (FDAI) created in partnership with Dassault Aviation in Rochefort

Aeronautical maintenance training: airframe, engine, avionics, armament ...

The International Training Site - Air Control (SIF-CA) of Mont-de-Marsan

Training of air defense air traffic controllers, air surveillance operators and airspace managers

The French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA)

Aviation safety training for safety officers, flight / aviation safety officers, safety investigators, etc.