Transferring the know-how of the French Army to partner foreign forces, offering innovative solutions to French forces and their industrial partners.

We run academic courses for foreign armies in the French military schools or through our “tailored” courses abroad. Our academic programmes all carry the “France” label in partnership with:

  • Military preparatory schools (French “Lycées Militaires”),
  • Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan for officer training,
  • École de Guerre for high level staff officers.

We offer “turnkey” solutions for operational training and simulation, providing operational capabilities, consulting and assistance whatever the operational needs of the French and foreign land forces in the following specialist fields:

  • Cavalry / Armoured vehicles
  • Infantry
  • Anti-tank missiles
  • Surface-to-surface Artillery
  • Short range Air Defence
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance

We also support the Land industry for all their needs in France and abroad in these fields.

The Draguignan International Training Centre (CIF-D)

Scalable programs to meet all the training needs of Land Forces

The Draguignan International Training Centre (CIF-D)

Fundamental programs and specialties tailored to your needs