Defence &
Security Expertise

Optimise your strategies, doctrines, concept of operations and capabilities thanks to our Defence and Security expertise.

We provide a response tailored to all your consulting and assistance needs in our fields of activity.

We select and second to your forces the best experts to define, audit and/or optimise your :

  • Strategies
  • Doctrines
  • Concept of operations (CONOPS)
  • Operational capabilities
  • Training centers & syllabuses
  • Equipment support and maintenance organisation

We also offer Defence procurement assistance services drawing on the unique expertise of France’s Defence procurement agency (DGA). We can help you during the following phases :

  • Programme preparation : technical and operational requirements, acquisition processes and méthodologies, etc.
  • Programme implementation: project management and contract management,
  • In-service support: advice and optimisation.


  1. Experts from the French Armed Forces and the DGA
  2. “Tailored” solutions
  3. Proven references all over the world