Training & Simulation

We train your soldiers, engineers, pilots, operators, mechanics, special forces and homeland security forces across the entire operational spectrum of the French Armed Forces and Gendarmerie.


We offer basic and advanced training courses tailored to members of your units, in all environments and specialist fields and for all grades. Our operational training is based on transferring the unique know-how of the French Armed Forces, acquired in France and in external operations.

We run these training programmes in DCI Group training centres co-located with those of the French Armed Forces, or at your own facilities. Our centres are equipped with modern infrastructures and new generation simulation tools.

DCI Group also provides support in the design, management and operation of your own training centres.


  1. High level instructors
  2. “France” label
  3. State-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment
New solutions in operational preparation

Maintain the operational capabilities of your forces and prepare them for active duty


As an extension of our operational training courses, DCI Group is offering new operational preparation solutions in order to prepare your forces for active duty:

  • On-job training of your units and crew using their real equipment (and/or simulators) in order to maintain and certify their operational capabilities,
  • Providing adversary forces in all fields (ex: Ground opposition forces, Red Air, Adversary drones, Naval plastron, Cyber threats, etc.) to train your units with tested operational scenarios and real threats.
  • Assistance in managing and running military exercises to optimise your limited operational resources,
  • Simulation in all fields to save costs and maintain the operational potential of your platforms and equipment,

DCI Group also provides support in the design, management and operation of your own operational preparation centres.