Providing Operational Capabilities

Optimise your material, human and financial resources thanks to our “turnkey” solutions for providing military capabilities and support.

At the request of our foreign clients and French partners, DCI Group has developed new solutions to complement our transfer of French military know-how offer. These solutions may involve outsourcing or Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts, in France and abroad.

In particular, we offer the following solutions:

  • Providing military capabilities and operating fleets in our fields of activity : rotary wings, fixed wings, drones, ships, etc. We satisfy Armed Forces’ interim and permanent military capability needs. We supply “turnkey” solutions: location and acquisition of equipment (new or second hand), modernisation and/or militarisation, certification, training and in-service support.
  • Maintenance: we are the preferred partner to optimize your fleet availability on your bases with our industrial partners.


  1. Expert human resources from the French Armed Forces and industry
  2. Best-in class quality standards
  3. Partnerships with the industry (manufacturers, MRO specialists, lessors, brokers…)
  4. Financial solutions

DCI performs maintenance on more than 100 aircraft around the world

Providing surveillance and intervention capabilities: drones, ships...