Quality, Ethics and
Anti-corruption Policy

DCI Group has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and ISO 37001 certified since 2019.

These certifications mean we can guarantee we will deliver our clients quality services, continually improve the way the Group operates and give advance warning of corruption risks.


Together with all national security and defence stake-holders, we are committed to transferring the skills and excellence of the French Armed Forces to those nations with whom France is friends. We help spread France’s influence around the world. We are deeply involved in the roll out of our services and take local and international regulations very seriously. Drawing on these high standards, our continuous business transformation policy means we are able to adapt to our environment. Innovation drives our progress.

DCI Group works closely with the French Armed Forces, across all their spheres of competence.

For more than 45 years, it has operated on a partnership basis with countries friendly to France. DCI offers a capabilities-based approach to countries that have chosen French equipment, providing everything from training in operational deployment to equipment operational readiness packages.

In 1996, DCI Group was certified ISO 9001 by AFNOR Certification for designing, selling and providing training, consultancy and assistance services. This certification means we are able to ensure our customers we provide services that comply with regulations and are of the highest quality, and that our company is constantly seeking to improve its operations and efficiency.


Operating in a sensitive sector, in an area of complex interactions between state and industrial interests and, to a certain extent, being responsible for the image and the credibility of the French State, DCI has always had an exemplary, pro-active business ethics policy, especially when it comes to the risk of corruption.

In going about its business, whether as a service provider or contractor, DCI has always sought to be law-abiding, particularly concerning the rules prohibiting corruption or influence peddling, by placing the quality of its services and the integrity of its missions and employees at the heart of both its day-to-day activity and its company management. We rolled out Compliance Guidelines several years ago.

These illustrate DCI Group’s commitment to fulfil its legal obligations in terms of preventing corruption and those of its employees regarding the Group’s interests in a field in which we all need to be highly vigilant at all times.

The purpose of these Compliance Guidelines is to guide the decisions and conduct of directors and employees of the entities making up DCI Group, as well as all third parties with whom DCI Group has relations. In recent years, DCI Group has pursued and expanded its efforts to prevent the risk of corruption and has rolled out an anti-corruption management system that earned it ISO 37001 certification in 2019.



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