Objectives & Challenges

The objective of the assistance measure is to enhance the capabilities of the Beninese Armed Forces to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Benin and its civilian population against internal and external aggression and to contribute to peace and stability in the region.

To achieve this objective, the assistance measure finances the following non-lethal equipment:

– an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft;

– intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance unmanned air systems.

It includes technical and operational training to provide the beneficiary with a complete capability.

Presentation of the project

The northern regions of the coastal countries of the Gulf of Guinea, namely Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Togo, have been experiencing deteriorating security conditions in connection with the crisis affecting the central Sahel.

In light of the deteriorating security situation in the region, it is important to strengthen the defence and security forces of Benin to enable and support stabilisation efforts in this country. In this context, and fully cognisant of the fact that the situation requires an integrated response, long-term peace and security in Benin are a key priority for the European Union.

On 3 July 2023, the high representative of the Union for foreign affairs and security policy received a request from Benin for the Union to assist the Beninese armed forces. The assistance request concerns the procurement of key equipment to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Beninese military units deployed in the northern part of Benin engaged in Operation Mirador in their fight against non-state armed groups and counteract and reduce the opportunities for those groups to commit terrorist attacks.


Beneficiary – Partner country/ organisation:

Beneficiary: Beninese Armed Forces (BAF)

  • Start date: 2023
  • Financing type: European Union
  • Type of contrat : Contribution agreement/indirect management of European funds
  • 11.75
    Budget allocated to DCI
  • 30
    Duration of the assistance measure